Welcome to Pleasantview

Apollo Drake had always been an oddball, his mother liked to say fondly. He knew it was true and he didn’t care; Apollo had always been far more intrigued by the reaches of science than any of the social happenings around him.

On the sunny morning our story starts, Apollo was hit by an idea whilst enjoying his favourite past-time, playing The Sims 3 on his computer (the poor guy had no idea he was a creation of The Sims 4).

What if I could create a real simulated society, thought Apollo to himself. Immediately his brain was overflowing with ideas. He tapped his fingers over his keyboard to send a quick email to Big Science, the entrepreneurial science funding centre whose experiments were renowned for their innovation and ambition, to pitch his proposition.


Apollo went upstairs with the intention to nap briefly before lunch. Before he could even undress, his phone began to vibrate. He quickly unlocked it and opened the message.

message alert_asteroid

Who was texting Apollo?

a) A representative from Big Science offering Apollo the opportunity to pitch his simulation blueprint to a leading scientist; or

b) An automated AI service warning Apollo of a rogue asteroid on its way to strike the Earth?