The Simulation Game

Welcome to The Simulation Game, an interactive story that explores the probability that we’re living in a simulated society – with a classic Mindy-style twist 😉 The aim of this project is to provide a platform to understand the simulation theory put down by Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher, and raise several questions:

  • Is it ethical to create a simulated society?
  • Is it likely we will reach a point of technological advancement that will allow us to do so?
  • If a simulation does exist, would it be the work of a hobbyist or a large corporation?
  • If we are in a simulation, what does this mean for our individual life stories?

To better understand the framework of this project, feel free to read through my research proposal.


This game contains sexual references, extremely coarse language, murder, infanticide, graphic violence, child neglect and themes of existential dread.

bathtub idea

Click on the picture to travel into the simulation, and meet Apollo Drake, a gifted computer scientist with a crazy idea!

NB: The final version of this game will be released in accordance with the countdown on the sidebar. Until then, a progressive beta version will be live.