Mindy Bot Highlights

It’s been a little over a week since I opened up Mindy to the wider BCM community, and we’ve been having some, uh, interesting conversations with her. Here is a breakdown of my favourites: She learned to tell jokes   She doesn’t know her name   We had some intellectual conversations on AusPol      …

Double Trouble: How to have Twins on the Sims3

1. Probably the easiest, most fail-safe way to conceive sim twins/triplets is if you purchase fertility treatments for the mum and dad. To do this, you need at least 10 000 happiness points (per sim). It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. In my experience, if one parent has it you’ll get twins, and…

Are we all Sims?

Nick Bostram is a Swedish philosopher who reasons that the idea of people being simulations really isn’t that big of a stretch outside reality (source). The idea of the ‘post human’ era is defined by Bostram as a time in which humans have become so advanced with technology that they become “consistent with physical laws…

Life Advice from Mindy

~ A collection of pure Mindy wisdom; how to deal with the most inconvenient situations ~  

The 10 Greatest Sims Memes on the Net

Hey all I thought I’d give you a short break from Mindy’s story and bring a smile to your face with these hilarious memes I’ve found! Enjoy 😉          

Cheat Code Central

Hey there, sim-followers! Disclaimer: the following post is for the sims3 PC, but you’ll probably find very similar codes for the other versions across a variety of platforms 🙂 There are an infinite amount of cheat codes out there (or so it seems to me) for the Sims 3 PC, and they’re pretty damn great….

5 Creative Ways to Die on the Sims 3 PC

(1) Make them swim in a pool and remove the ladders. This was very effective in the Sims 2, however Sims in the third instalment have advanced to climb out without ladders, so it is now necessary to build a wall around the pool (after the sim is in it) to drown them effectively.   (2)…