10-23-18_2-31-18 PM

In the alpha dimension, Elizabeth was pale. Beside her, Grant was crying.

“We killed Jesus, we killed Jesus, Elizabeth”, he screamed.

“It’s just an experiment babe – none of them were real”, she stammered back, wishing she could believe her own words. 10-23-18_2-29-01 PM10-23-18_2-29-03 PM10-23-18_2-29-29 PM

Grant grabbed a bread knife from the kitchenette table and plunged it through his own chest before Elizabeth could stop him. She screamed.

“Grant, what are you doing!?” she tried to wrestle the knife out of his grasp, but it was too late. 10-23-18_2-29-39 PM10-23-18_2-29-42 PM

“Don’t you see what we’ve done, Elizabeth?”, was his last question to her. He sank to the floor and the Grim Reaper swooped in to collect his soul. 10-23-18_2-30-25 PM

Elizabeth, shaking violently, dragged the entire simulation into the trash on her computer, and pulled out the power cord before she could change her mind. She looked frantically around the room. She’d need to hide all of this equipment. If the ethics board got wind of what they’d created . . . she’d never see the light of day again.



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