Hail Lord Jesus

09-07-18_9-47-05 AM

Holy boi Jezuz, complete with man bun, shady gown and Birkenstocks, and two eyes that didn’t look quite right, marched jubilantly down the main road of Pleasantview, toward Farmer Castle. 09-07-18_9-48-18 AM08-16-18_7-35-06 PM

He strutted down the snowy streets with his loaded Smith & Wesson dangling from his wrist. He smacked children as he skipped by them, laughing as they cowered in fright when they saw his pistol.

When night fell, he found himself stranded outside a grand, whitewashed mansion. Shivering from the snow, he walked in through the brassy double doors, never bothering to knock. 10-24-18_6-13-04 PM10-24-18_6-13-17 PM

10-24-18_6-13-20 PM

Meanwhile, Duchess Mindy was putting the finishing touches on her face before the grand Christmas ball she’d been dying to host since this time last year.

08-28-18_1-07-07 PM

She stared at her reflection in the mirror; her eyes seemed to carry a strain she hadn’t seen there before. It was no wonder, she thought to herself as she straightened the pins in her hair, she had a psychopathic doppelganger skipping about the house murdering her staff. It was enough to take a toll on anybody. 08-28-18_1-06-19 PM

She’d convinced Plebeian Mindy to spend her night with the two remaining monks in a makeshift sex dungeon in the basement. She hoped that the monks would keep her distracted long enough for Duchess Mindy to entertain and please her important guests.


Mindy and the two monks had a reasonably enjoyable experience in the sex dungeon. However, no dick was about to satisfy Plebeian Mindy’s insatiable thirst for human blood, and so she slayed the monks with some kinky weapons she found plastered on the wall and shuffled upstairs to the Duchess’s party.

Plebeian Mindy and Jezuz would not be the only uninvited guests, however. The underdeveloped Beta Mindy’s, which Elizabeth had accidentally activated, had found themselves walking down Duchess Mindy’s estate, toward the party.

10-24-18_6-47-01 PM.png

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