A dumb intern & a cranky boss

10-23-18_2-31-18 PM

The head scientist, Elizabeth, was pissed. She’d logged into the simulation at the end of the day to ensure everything was running smoothly before she went home – it wasn’t. She turned white as she saw the live feed.

How the hell had Plebeian Mindy ended up in the Duchess’s universe? 

She stormed downstairs into intern Jayden’s office . . . and was deeply scarred to find him jerking off to unholy internet videos.

10-23-18_2-24-11 PM

“What the actual fuck, you fornicator?” screamed the scientist.

Jayden shoved his dick back into his pants, hastily.

“Sorry mam”, he mumbled.

10-23-18_2-25-47 PM10-23-18_2-24-55 PM

She walked closer to her useless intern and raised her arm to slap the shit outta him. 10-23-18_2-26-11 PM10-23-18_2-26-13 PM10-23-18_2-26-27 PM

Once he’d recoiled from her, with a blackened eye, she stepped back and snarled.

“Do you want to explain to me how you let this happen?” she demanded. “Plebeian Mindy’s children starved to death after she murdered her husband and abandoned them – to sync herself in Duchess Mindy’s world and murder half her household!”

Jayden shuffled his feet awkwardly. “I uh, got busy”, he stammered.

“Get the fuck out”, she screamed.

10-23-18_2-29-03 PM

After calling her colleague downstairs to help her repair the mess, the two sat in front of the simulation control computer and pondered about what to do.

“The dimension-travel computer the girls built has broken down some of the mechanics of the simulation”, explained Grant. “Remember those traits we programmed into each Mindy at birth – genius, evil and insane – they were overridden as they grew up in nurtured environments.”

“Yes, I know”, said Elizabeth, wearily.

“Well, the computer which Plebeian Mindy travelled through acted like a door between the two dimensions. To get through it, she had to be completely broken down, digitally, and built back up on the Duchess’s side. It all happened in a nanosecond; neither women would have noticed it happening. That nanosecond was vitally important, though, because when Mindy broke down, she lost her entire character. All that was built back up was her body and the traits she was programmed with – her lifetime of nurturing disappeared.”

Elizabeth turned to face him, slowly. “So all that’s left of Plebeian Mindy is her ability to be evil, genius and insane? That’s why she’s killing. That’s why Duchess Mindy can’t control her!”

“Exactly”, replied Grant, worried.

“How do we fix this? Can we rewind the simulation?” asked Elizabeth, hopefully.

“Not now that Plebeian Mindy has swapped simulations. It’d be too risky – the simulation could even blow up”.

10-23-18_2-29-01 PM

“What will we do then?”, she asked desperately.

“I’m not going to hide from you how worried I am”, began Grant, “but there are a few precautions we can take. We need to up the level of religion in the society – give the people a stronger structure and religion to hold on to.”

And so Elizabeth, in her worry, programmed religion into the simulation at a dangerous, alarmingly high rate. So much so that Jesus, who was once almost a mythological deity, became a physical entity in Pleasantview. He was never meant to be a physical being, thus she hadn’t programmed him any individual traits and he took on the last used coding – genius, evil and insane – just like Mindy.

08-15-18_1-53-20 PM

Elizabeth’s fingers trembled as she typed; so much so that she activated a red folder on her desktop which was clearly labelled Beta Mindy’s – do not open.

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