When Mindy Met Mindy

09-24-18_11-33-00 AMTwas a dark and stormy night when Plebeian Mindy catapulted herself through time and space to enter the universe of Duchess Mindy. 09-24-18_11-33-11 AM

09-24-18_12-02-58 PM

Plebeian Mindy, following her basemental adventures with the monks, was horrified to discover she had fallen pregnant. To calm her mind, she walked into the ballroom and began playing the grand piano.

09-17-18_6-44-28 PM

She was startled to see a woman who looked exactly like her stumbling toward the piano, stark naked. As she approached the Duchess, the plebeian began to twerk. 09-17-18_6-46-27 PM09-17-18_6-45-13 PM

“Mindy? Is that you”? cried Duchess Mindy in disbelief. Her doppelganger nodded.

“We need to clean you up; quickly put your clothes back on!” she said hurriedly. She led Plebeian Mindy into a bathroom and wiped the blood off her face, and helped her into her clothing.  09-17-18_6-52-02 PM09-16-18_2-01-46 PM09-16-18_2-03-16 PM

In the entrance chamber, the two finally began to talk. Duchess Mindy knew that Plebeian Mindy was the woman she’d dreamt of, and the writer of the letter she had found . . . but she seemed so very different in person to the way she’d been in the Duchess’s dreams.

There was a craziness to her, eyes that were too wide to be natural and lacked warmth or compassion. Duchess Mindy felt uneasy. Had something gone wrong with the computer?

Her fears were confirmed when a young staff member approached, and Plebeian Mindy pulled an ancient sword off the wall and plunged it through his heart, without any provocation or warning whatsoever.

09-16-18_2-03-57 PM09-16-18_2-03-56 PM09-16-18_2-04-03 PM09-16-18_2-05-16 PM09-16-18_2-05-19 PM09-16-18_2-09-08 PM

Plebeian Mindy laughed like a maniac as the boy sunk to the floor. The butler sent a maid for the police. 09-16-18_2-09-34 PM09-16-18_2-09-41 PM

The police officer was unprepared for what awaited him in Duchess Mindy’s mansion. No sooner had he and his partner walked through the door than Mindy had pulled out yet another weapon and plunged it through his partner’s chest. Realising he could not control this woman, he ran out of the house and back to the station, leaving his workmate to bleed to death on the floor.

09-16-18_2-11-55 PM09-16-18_2-11-56 PM09-16-18_2-11-57 PM09-16-18_2-12-28 PM

Plebeian Mindy was exhausted. In just 24 hours, she’d killed three men and transported herself to an alternate reality. It was time for bed. 09-16-18_2-18-53 PM09-16-18_2-19-11 PM


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