A Life for a Life

09-16-18_10-40-06 AM

Whilst Duchess Mindy was involving herself in a monk bukkake, Plebeian Mindy’s husband Otis was giving birth to their son – who never got to be named. 09-16-18_10-40-00 AM09-16-18_10-37-21 AM09-16-18_10-41-14 AM

Otis was thrilled with their perfect bundle of joy – but the birth was the final straw for Mindy. Something inside her broke, just as the world around her had been breaking. And now, it was her turn to break something . . . or, someone.

09-16-18_10-41-55 AM

As Otis sat sleepily in front of his computer scrolling through his news feed, Mindy stalked towards him, grabbing the axe from behind the back door on her way.

09-16-18_10-42-38 AM09-16-18_10-43-34 AM

She swung the axe high in the air and before Otis could even scream, he was lying on the floor, blood spurting out of his head as Mindy hacked into his skull over and over. 09-16-18_10-44-30 AM09-16-18_10-44-26 AM09-16-18_10-49-32 AM09-16-18_10-49-43 AM09-16-18_10-46-34 AM

The Grim Reaper paid a quick visit to the cottage and whisked Otis away to the afterlife.

Still dripping in her late husband’s blood, Mindy staggered outside, leaving the children for whoever thought to check up on them – it wasn’t her concern anymore. She moved toward her end of the computer, which had been ready to go for days. Mindy only hoped the Duchess had received her message and had enough time to create an entry portal. 09-16-18_10-50-45 AM09-16-18_10-51-15 AM09-16-18_10-51-35 AM

In the blink of an eye, Mindy was zapped away from the universe she had always known, and thrown into a Victorian mansion lined with luscious red rugs and golden archways. Plebeian Mindy grinned to herself. She’d done it – she’d jumped dimensions.

09-16-18_11-37-39 AM


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