The Computer

18+ only 

Duchess Mindy ordered her maids to sweep the basement clean. Several pieces of old furniture were dragged out of the attic and down several flights of stairs in anticipation of some secret new residents.

08-27-18_7-46-31 PM09-15-18_3-49-10 PM08-27-18_7-51-33 PM

Duchess Mindy pulled together all the equipment Plebeian Mindy said she would need to build her end of the travel machine. She took a handful of gold from her husband’s chest and used it to purchase several monks to build her a computer.

08-27-18_7-56-01 PM08-27-18_7-55-00 PM08-27-18_7-56-06 PM08-27-18_7-54-43 PMAfter gathering them in the main room of the basement level and explaining her needs to the enslaved monks, Mindy stood back and waited for them to begin work.

The monks looked at each other and roared with laughter.

“Sweetie, you’ll have to do more than buy us and enslave us to get us to do your bidding”, they sneered.

And, that’s how Duchess Mindy found herself locked in a room in the corner of the basement pleasuring three strange men.

34Only once all three men had had their way with Duchess Mindy did they get to work on the computer.

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