The Butler

The next time Plebeian Mindy visited Duchess Mindy in her dream, she left a detailed note, describing her situation and detailing how she intended to transport herself permanently into the Duchess’s world.

09-17-18_6-40-30 PM

Duchess Mindy awoke the following morning with a strange urge to check her bookshelf.

08-27-18_3-01-09 PM08-27-18_3-11-51 PM

Mindy immediately noticed that one book was off-centre. She pulled it off the shelf and opened the first page.

08-27-18_3-12-18 PM08-27-18_3-12-47 PM

Duchess Mindy found the note scrawled by Plebeian Mindy and her heart stopped. The note was long and the handwriting was difficult to decipher, but it mentioned dreams – so close to the ones that Duchess Mindy herself had experienced.

The letter also detailed instructions on how to build a computer – what the heck is that? – to help this other woman, who signed the letter ‘Mindy’, get to her world.

Duchess Mindy was flustered. There was nothing in this letter that made any sense at all – but she couldn’t help it that her curiosity was aroused. If there was just one tiny chance that this letter could lead to answers about all of the strange things which have happened, Duchess Mindy would follow its instructions.

08-27-18_3-14-07 PM

Suddenly, Duchess Mindy heard a creak in the floorboard behind her. She turned to find her butler guiltily sneaking past.

“What are you doing, Madame?”, asked the butler politely.

“Nothing Betty, just some, uh, light reading”, replied Mindy, flustered. She swept out of the room, forgetting to take the book with her.

08-27-18_3-14-16 PM08-27-18_3-18-08 PM

The butler grabbed the book after Mindy left, flicked through its pages and found the letter from Plebeian Mindy. After scanning it with her eyes, she pocketed it and ran upstairs to the hidden computer in her bathroom – an object which definitely did not belong in an 18th century house – to send communication to her own creator. 08-27-18_3-19-06 PM08-27-18_3-19-19 PM08-27-18_3-19-55 PM


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