Plebeian Mindy awoke in her cottage to a snoring, heavily pregnant husband beside her. She eyed his growing baby bump. “Fat lard”, she muttered, as she rolled out of bed.

Mindy fell into a deep depression and was constantly in fear of the world around her. Even when she went into town, there was not a soul to be found. Meanwhile, the dreams about the other woman continued to occur. Mindy continued to read widely and study. She wanted so desperately to be in that other world – she didn’t want to be in this one anymore.

08-27-18_4-17-19 PM

Intern Jayden had long ago grown bored with watching the simulation play out on his screen. However, since a second intern, Brandi, had been hired, his work days had grown to be much more, uh, enjoyable.

09-07-18_10-07-43 AM09-07-18_10-12-42 AM09-07-18_10-12-48 AM

09-07-18_10-13-25 AM

Given this, it was perhaps unsurprising that when Mindy decided to build herself a dimension-travelling portal, it went completely unnoticed by the creator scientists.

09-05-18_12-20-48 PM


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