Visiting the Dream Realm

08-27-18_4-17-19 PMPlebeian Mindy knew she had to do something to understand what was happening with her world. She fell asleep that night equipped with all of her knowledge on lucid dreaming.

She awoke somewhere else. Mindy found herself in a long, dimly-lit hall. Its wooden floors were piled with warm rugs, and large stone fireplaces crackled at various intervals. Oil lamps surrounded her, giving low light. The house was silent, and the windows showed only darkness outside.

09-24-18_11-36-11 AM

She turned into the first doorway she saw. Plebeian Mindy found herself in a library of sorts, chintz armchairs circled yet another patterned rug, and heavy oak shelves of books lines the walls. Mindy pulled out a heavily-binded blue volume, and sank back into a chair to understand something of the world she was in.

09-24-18_11-36-03 AM

Mindy left the library and ventured down a stone staircase. She found herself in a sterile-looking basement lit with gas lights and a croaking fireplace.

09-16-18_7-45-39 PM09-16-18_7-48-29 PM09-17-18_6-40-30 PM


Mindy knew she needed to be here, for real.


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