A Summer Internship

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Elizabeth and Grant were computer scientists trying to make their mark on the world. In an attempt to gain funding, they’d created a low-budget simulation experiment based on primitive technological human society.

The two had spent months on the planning and executing of the experiment – and they wanted a break, now that it was running smoothly. Elizabeth decided the best way to do this was to hire an intern to watch the experiment for the summer while they had a break. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, the experiment will have developed enough to impress Big Science, and the two scientists would secure enough funding to make the experiment even bigger.

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Jayden didn’t want an internship, but his mother was tired of seeing him on the couch, playing fortnight each day. He sighed as he walked up the driveway to the premises. He knew it would be easy, the experiment was set up and he only needed to watch it in case something glitched. Jayden thought he’d be in for the dullest summer of his college life so far – boy was he wrong.

When Jayden arrived, Elizabeth greeted him warmly and showed him into a small office in the basement of their building. A fairly unimpressive computer sat on the Ikea desk – it was 2087 and he was in a building owned by computer scientists – he had anticipated something much more high-tech.

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Nevertheless, Jayden sat down and began to familiarise himself with the experiment.

09-07-18_10-04-59 AM

*You’ll need to check out the experiment brief to move forward. Find it in the clipboard below.*

clipboard graphicNext part of story >


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