The Dimensional Jump

Warning: this is not a story for children, or the weak of heart.


This story contains:

  • Extreme violence
  • Coarse language
  • Mature themes
  • Uncensored sex
  • Nudity

Mindy Farmer enjoyed her quiet life.

08-28-18_1-32-27 PM

She lived in Pleasantview with her husband and young daughter.

08-27-18_3-51-25 PM

Mindy tried hard to be content, and not think about the fact that if she wasn’t chasing her two-year old around the house all day, she’d probably be sitting comfortably in an office chair far up the corporate ladder.

On the night our story begins, Mindy had tucked her daughter into bed, bid goodnight to her husband, who was so deeply distracted by his new computer program that he barely noticed her, and laid back into her own bed. . .

08-27-18_3-43-16 PM

Mindy was a little shaken when she awoke: what a strange dream . . . She distinctly remembered staring at herself in the mirror, but she wasn’t quite herself, there was a look in her eyes that she didn’t really recognise. It was odd, she hadn’t dreamt of prancing round a castle in a red gown since she was a child who wanted to be a princess. She climbed out of bed and tried to get the strange dream out of her head.


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