Simulation Mindy Season 1: Chapter 1: The Unfortunate Demise of Piper McAllister

Once upon a time, in a far-off land called Pleasantview, there lived two women very much in love. Mindy Farmer was a vegetable slicer who loved to dance, and Piper McAllister was an investigative reporter with a passion for water sports. They lived together in a small cottage purchased for them by Piper’s parents. Mindy and Piper were blissfully happy together.

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Our story begins on a bright cold day in April, when Mindy (upon hearing the old clock strike thirteen) decided the time was right to propose marriage to her beloved Piper.


Piper was shocked; nevertheless she acquiesced emotionally. The perfect love, a promise to be together forever – what more could she ask for? But, neither of the ecstatic women foresaw the tragedy that was to come.

* * *

 Later that afternoon, whilst Mindy was having a siesta, Piper decided to relax by going for a swim in their backyard pool, and daydream of her life with Mindy.


It started out like any normal swim. Piper dove under the water and held her breath until she reached the other side. She did not notice the ladder to the pool mysteriously fade away . . .

Until, several hours later, night time fell over their small cottage. With the ladder gone, Piper couldn’t get out of the pool. As the seconds, minutes, then hours ticked by, Piper became hungry and tired . . . until she simply couldn’t take it anymore.


She waved her hands about and screamed, but Mindy, still inside, did not hear her. Not long after, Piper took her final breath and succumbed to the rapids.

Mindy was simply distraught. Just how could she go on?


Read chapter 2 (coming soon!) to see how poor, heart-broken Mindy manages her grief.


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