About this Project


Hello and welcome to The Life of Mindy, the digital artefact that has carried me through BCM112: Convergent Media Practices, DIGC202: Global Networks, BCM325: Future Cultures, BCM300: Game Making and now BCM302: Final Project.

My initial experience with this project in BCM112, as a new university student, very much involved experimenting with a variety of digital mediums to tell a story, curate an online presence and get creative. I researched artificial intelligence, open-source platform culture and Marshall McLuhan`s philosophies and illustrated and challenged my findings using The Sims. The end product (of questionable quality, but intense fun) ended up being the first season of Mindy’s story, which I diplomatically titled The Murderous Whore. It ended with Mindy’s dramatic and untimely death at the hands of one of her own offspring. I chose to continue a second season of the series for DIGC202. The tale followed was The Psychotic Secret Twin, which details the story of one of Mindy’s biological children being switched at birth with another.

During these initial creations, I came across the ideas of Nick Bostrom, a philosopher who has theorised we exist in a computer simulation. The idea, abstract though it first appeared, has intrigued me ever since. Now, a good twelve months since I last touched this blog, I have decided the time is ripe for the third round of Mindy – to illustrate, understand and explore simulation theory in the context of posthumanism and conjectures of post-humanity.


This site is a collection of my research, assignments and – of course – Mindy’s narrative. The key areas:


About me

I am a fourth year student at the University of Wollongong studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Public Relations)/Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Digital Media). Catch me on my regular blog, or on Twitter.